TRATADO SOBRE EL AMOR 2 Comentarios. Jueves, 17 d Junio d 2004 por genius en opinión

Few days ago a friend sent me an article to read, at first I thought it will be boring,
but after I started to read, it turned out to be very interesting and entertaining.
I am sure not everyone will agree with it. It is especially not recommended for feminists.
The article was written on Russian and the original is very funny, there is a Spanish
translation, I am not sure how good it is though.

morbido, 17 Jun 2004 16:44

fuck off!!! it's impossible something bigger..... and you read all of them..... and "a friend" sent you something so big.
i will star this night to sleep good.

Juan de Dios Roman, 18 Jun 2004 06:58

Tengo que aprender el dialecto este que hablais....cual es?


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