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My friend works in a big American company, he is an engineer. He all the time complains to me about the bureaucracy that he has at work, all the forms he has to fill and the reports he has to write etc. Twice a year they have what is called a "performance review". This is when the boss of every team sits with his subordinates and they discuss his performance in the past half year, and in the end he gets a 'grade'. This grade is later used when the company decides to dismiss for example 5% of it's workforce, the ones with the lowest grades within the 5% will automatically go. Below is a letter from a big boss in his company describing the importance of this process, I hope you can understand the English and appreciate the stupidity of it :

ECG Employees,

Time and time again, you have demonstrated the difference focus and innovation can make in what we achieve as a business. Just imagine what results you could achieve if you channeled the same energy into midyear performance reviews. You and your supervisor share the accountability to make this process a success for your team, and for ECG as a whole.

As we work to build a performance-based culture, coaching and feedback is an integral part of our ongoing process. But right now, it's important to stop and formally assess our achievements, our behaviors and our personal development. This keeps us aligned with Avaya's business strategy, so we can delight our customers and out-perform our competitors.

For more information about your role in the performance review process, please visit this URL to read a recent article, Summarizing Performance at Midyear:

Thanks in advance for your commitment.

John Doe,
Group Vice President, Enterprise Communications


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