Radio blog. 0 Comentarios. Domingo, 17 d Abril d 2005 por morbido en música

1.- Lali Puna, Faking the books (Faking the books).
2.- Mastroianni & Biolay, La plage (Home).
3.- Sondre Lerche, Two way monologue (Two way monologue).
4.- Limousine, For Me That's All (The phenomenon caravan troupe).
5.- The Magnetics Fields, I don't believe in you (I).
6.- Jens Lekman, You are the light (by which I travel into this and that) (When I said I wanted to be your dog).
7.- The Concretes, Seems fine (The Concretes).
8.- Dressy Bessy, Just once more (Dressy Bessy).
9.- Mäximo Park, I want you to stay (A certain trigger).
10.- Mando Diao, Annie's angle (Hurricane bar).
11.- The Radio Dept., Where damage isn't already done (Lesser matters).
12.- The Exploding Hearts, Modern kicks (Guitar romantic).
13.- The Go! Team, Panther dash (Thunder, Lightning, Strike).

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